IFBC 2018

The past weekend I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference, or IFBC for short, that was held in New Orleans. I was expecting this huge conference that I felt like I was going to be overwhelmed and feel like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde at the Halloween party, just awkward. Also, being an introvert, huge crowds give me anxiety but I was determined to make connections with at least one person there!

What I got from the conference was so much more than I expected. I got to meet so many people at different areas of their life that not only had a genuine love for food but had the desire to connect and inspire people by sharing their stories. I got to meet Michael Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene, who reinforced finding and understanding that your past and the history of your ancestors is what makes you, you! It makes up your voice and provides a path for you to connect with others! I learned so much from the different topics and speakers there.

One of my favorite events was the food "speed dating". There was about 12 vendors that had 10-minutes to pitch their products and show us what they were selling. There was so many great products that I was able to taste. I have to say some of my favorite products were Beyond the Equator, Greek Girls, Basin Blends, Sour Greek's Sweet Smart Syrup, Big Easy Bucha, Bulldog Pepper Jelly and The Chefs' Olive Mix. The reason was this was one of my favorite events was because they were either local New Orleans or solving issues that gives us healthier options to eat or season our food. It was a little overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

The whole event was so eye opening and I really made some wonderful connections with people I would have otherwise never met.  I truly get so excited being introduced to new things and products people are creating daily. It's inspiring! Might have to make that trip out to Juneau, Alaska next year. 

If you want to check out any of the products I mentioned, check the links below:

Big Easy Bucha: https://www.bigeasybucha.com/

Beyond the Equato: https://www.beyondtheequator.com/about-us

Chefs' Olive Mix: https://www.chefsolivemix.com/

Bulldog Pepper Jelly: https://www.bulldogpepperjelly.com

Greek Girls: https://www.greekgirlsricepudding.com

Basin Blend: www.BasinBlend.com

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DiaryT. Cole