2019 Goals ... Better Late Than Never

It’s the beginning of February! OMG I’m not sure where the time is going but it needs to slow tf down. I feel like just two weeks ago I was at my parent’s house for Christmas drinking coquito and eating prime rib (one of the few occasions that I eat meat). This month has been non-stop but I wanted to share my goals for 2019 with you all creatives. My prayer is that this year brings us so much prosperity, growth, and abundance!

Here are my personal goals for 2019:

  1. Continue developing my own relationship with God.

  2. Read at least 8 books.

  3. Collaborate with at least five restaurants and brands.

  4. Connect and grow network with other New Orleans food bloggers and influencers.

  5. Grow ColelaEats’ following, viewership and content.

  6. Complete one month of vegan eating.

  7. Workout and practice yoga at least 3X per week.

  8. Reach out and stay connect with friends friends and family to support them in their lives, careers and business ventures.

  9. Expand understanding and speech in Spanish.

  10. Travel to two states and one country

If you would like to keep each other accountable write a few goals in the comments and we can achieve it together!!

Keep your passion alive creatives!

With love,

T. Cole