Girl's Trip to Wine Country

It's starting to be the beginning of fall, which I love but omg! the time has been flying by this year. The weather is colder, leaves turning different colors, we get to start dressing in layers, and someone in my family is cooking gumbo. It has me reminiscing when my bestie and I decided to go to North California for the weekend girl's trip in the summer. You know when you get tired of seeing the same ol' thing and just want to do and experience something different? This was that kind of get-away from the typical mundane life of school, work, and boys *inserts rolls eyes emoji*. We stayed in Oakland and decided to rent a car the day and drive up to Napa. (Just a nugget of information: If you're staying in Oakland or San Francisco renting a car is probably the best way to get up there. They have shuttles that can take you but where's the fun in that!) It was about an hour drive, so make sure you have your road trip playlist ready!

First stop was Mumm Napa. Out of the three places we visited, this was my least favorite place. Mumm Napa specializes in sparkling wine. So if you like your wine a little sweet and sparkling, this is for you. Personally, it was too sweet for my taste but the place was gorgeous! The weather was perfect and we sat outside on the patio. Also, if you sit on the patio the options for the food is minimal compared to sitting on the Oak Terrace (more expensive). The scenery was absolutely breath-taking! You could see the mountains and a little far ways off was a little barn. So cute! We had three tastings of their various sparkling wines. While leaving, a couple came up to us and ask if we like it there *They had been sitting a few tables from us on the patio* We were all in agreeance that it was ok but she knew much better. Aunt Diamond gave us fantastic suggestions of places to go for the rest of the trip. Can we say, change of plans? 

Second stop, via Aunt Diamond, was Prager. She said she spent ~$200 worth of wine! We definitely had to check this place out! Prager is a family-owned vineyard/business specializing in port wines. When you walk into Prager, there's walls of money from visitors from all over that have visited the place! Of course, we left our mark there! The owners are super knowledgable and extremely friendly. We paid $20 for "five" (definitely got to taste more of our favorites) tastings and a souvenir logo glass. Each taste was able to build upon one another and not overtake your taste buds. My favorites are the Petite Sirah, Aria White Port, and Noble Companion (10-year old Tawny Port). Let me praise this white port for a minute. First off, I've never heard of a white port before this experience. Secondly, this wine had a caramelized, but not overly sweet taste that was something I never tasted before. You're able to drink it as a pre-dinner drink or dessert drink (when you drink most port wines). It change my life so much, I brought the bottle! 

Oh! Almost forgot to mention there is a loquat tree outside of the building. You can pick fresh loquats from the trees and they are delicious! The owners actually encourage you to take as many as you want! Definitely a place to visit!

Our last stop was V.Sattui Winery. This is a hub for everything wine; wine pairings, deli, accessory shop. V.Sattui does offer wine tastings but we decided to buy a bottle and sit outside at their huge sitting area. There's nothing that compares to wine, cheese, crackers, and a dried cured meat *the adult version of a grilled cheese and Kool-Aid for kids*. We decided on a V. Sattui's 2014 Entanglement G-S-M wine. Wine fact: GSM is part Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre (plus Petite Sirah). This wine is considered a red blend and is similar to a Pinot Noir. It paired perfectly with prosciutto, olives and cheese. You can make your own little world while out there. It was relaxing, except for one guy that was loud and cussed so much made me blush a little *and y'all know I tend to have a mouth of a sailor*

Overall I wish more days were like this. Great people, great wine and beautiful scenery. #ThisIsWhatMyHeavenWouldBe