Someone's Turning 21: Ramen and Gourmet Donuts Anyone? Part I

#Throwback For my baby brother's 21st birthday, we decided to take him to Austin (because it's literally the best place to be when you turn 21 in Texas, duh!) We did the typical Austin experience, food and 6th. But food in Austin is far from typical. The atmosphere mixed with the culture and people, makes this incredibly creative environment.

Now, whenever you think of ramen, most people think of the .50 ramen they get from the grocery chain giants, remember the Oriental or Shrimp flavor?  **NEWS ALERT: THAT IS NOT REAL RAMEN!** sorry to break it to you. Real ramen is all about a well-developed broth and noodles. OHHH the noodles! (I still have dreams about them). Ramen shops in Japan are about a common as BBQ is in Texas. Everyone has there own special way of making theirs a signature. They have a black and white wanted to bring their soul food to Austin. 

We went to Ramen Tatsu-ya, on South Lamar. The place is a decent size, they have another location in Austin. While you wait in line, you can see this really dope black and white artwork plastered on the outside and drink some water and look over the menu. The staff working there was really friendly. The inside of the shop is charming and fantastic. We started off with the Sweet & Sour Yodas (brussell sprouts, apricot vinegar and curry spice). I could probably have drank a bowl of the sauce the brussell sprouts were coated in. The ramen, we individually had the Tonkotshu Sho-Yu (brother #2), Ol Skool (brother #1) and Veggie ramen (me) with various bombs. It was delicious! This was my first time having ramen, besides the .50 package ramen when i was a kid. The food hit all of the essentials of ramen; broth, noodles, and toppings. Everything seemed so fresh and well-balanced, working in harmony. #umami

After all of that we were in the mood for donuts and not just any kind of donuts. Check out part deux of the story. #gula

Oh! Just so you're aware, the base of Ramen Tatsu-ya's broth is pork, except for the veggie ramen.