Someone's Turning 21: Ramen and Gourmet Donuts Anyone? Part II

Anybody that lives in Austin knows about this place. I'm talking Gourdoughs, the ultimate gourmet, over-the-top donut!! There's some places in these United of States where it's okay to be gluttonous and this is definitely one of them. We went to the Public House location, down the street from Ramen Tatsu-ya. Gourdough is known for their sweet and savory gourmet donuts. We obviously weren't going to eat a second lunch (I'm embarrassed to say, it's happened before). So this post will focus on the sweet donuts.

That place does not make it easy to decided but after much deliberation we picked our top four donuts. The Squealing pig,  Ring-O-Fire, Southern Belle and Donut Pudding. The donuts are fried to golden crunchy-ness on the outside but soft on the inside. It is definitely needed when you have a lot of so many great toppings that would tend to make the donut soggy. 

Squealing pig - The donut has a sweet heat from the candied jalapenos, strawberry jalapeno jello and bacon. Because everything taste better with bacon, right? The perfect bite starts with  little bit of the sweet, from the strawberry and cream cheese, then ends with a little bit of heat. The bacon adds another crunchy textural element to the dessert.

 *cues Johnny Cash's song* Ring-O-Fire - Now the description says "brownie bites" but they are more like brownie chunks! What's not to love about chocolate, salted caramel, and pecans. Everything on this plate is decadent and has a rich flavors from the top to the bottom of your fork.

Southern Belle - Literally a pecan pie on a donut. I loved the candied pecans topped onto the pie filling. The donut serving as the "crust" made you feel like you were eating like a pecan pie cake. My only wish would be having the pecan pie filing a little bit more gooey. 

Donut Pudding - It doesn't look your Moma's bread pudding. More like a baked loaf of bread, soaked with a sweet rum sauce. Trust me, you could taste the rum! It was so moist and rich cake. And the chef shows he/she cares a little about your health, adding the strawberry on top. Oh! And did I mention you could taste the rum?

Needless to say I was carrying food twins babies after this!