I love my home in Louisiana. I get to be with my huge family and it gives me a great excuse to try new restaurants and explore new things out there. Now, everyone knows New Orleans is the mecca of influential food in the South. Being a port city, New Orleans is a melting pot with influences from French, Latin, Caribbean and European cuisines. Also, being located near the gulf, you have some of the freshest seafood down here. Honestly, if you live in the South and have never been to New Orleans, I'm not sure what you're doing with your life??

One of my favorites seafood is oysters! My favorite way to eat them is raw or charboiled #nomm When you eat them raw, you get a little taste of the gulf water in your bite (idk if that would convince anyone to eat them but we'll call it a flavor enhancer). And these oysters are big! Drago's is a family-owned restaurant and has been opened for almost 50 years! Obviously they are doing something right! When you walk in you can see some of the staff members shucking fresh oysters and an open grill to charboiled them. We ordered a half dozen raw and half dozen char of oysters for our appetizers. You get such quality and freshness when you go to Drago's. My favorite way to eat raw oysters is add a little lemon juice and horseradish onto it as an additional flavor enhancer. They don't need much.

Since we already ate in the country (that's what I call my Gram's house), we shared the Drago's Mixed Grill with sauteed crabmeat and the fish special, Drum with collard greens and roasted potatoes. The Mixed Grill is lobster, 6 oz. steak, blackened shrimp with light Cajun cream sauce, with rosemary potatoes and corn maque choux and sauteed crabmeat. The lobster had a nice charred smokey taste, the tail end was a little dry, but dip it in the melted butter and it's all good! Oh and don't forget the meat in the big claw! The filet and shrimp were absolutely tender and delectable. The maque choux wasn't my favorite. It tasted like corn mixed with picante sauce. The house fish special, with a side of collard greens and roasted potatoes. That fish was so moist and perfectly cooked. There are no other words to describe it. But Lawd what stole the show was those greens! (I'm a big veggie eater) I could have sworn my Gram was back there cooking them. Very few restaurants I've been to makes greens that taste like you're back at your Gram's house. The way it was seasoned, I could have eaten at least 2 more bowls!

If you're ever in New Orleans, make sure you check them out! Drago's has two locations in New Orleans; one in the city and the other right outside of the city in Metairie.

Laissez faire bon temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras!