Good Food in Beaumont? Yes, I'm Shocked Too!

Now, when most people are in Texas the last place they are going to is Beaumont (unless you work there) and they for sure aren't going there for food! So when we decided to meet up with my brother for brunch to catch up and not knowing the area at all... J Wilson's was his pick. Thanks bro!

I would call J Wilson's, a hidden gem. The place has a humble and simplistic aesthetic to its decor. Nothing fancy about it but the quality of food speaks on its own. Everything is made from scratch and in-house. I love it when restaurants are able to do everything. We started with the fried pickles because who doesn't love fried pickles?? They are thin sliced with a light batter; crispy and tangy, served with a jalapeno ranch dressing. It made my taste buds tingle. 

Colela's Side Note: Anyone who eats with me knows I have one simple rule when we go to a new restaurant, we each have to get something different. It's a great way to try a variety of options the restaurant has to offer (if the people you're with don't mind you picking off their plate. Don't be rude, ask first!).

We ordered the BBQ Shrimp, Cuban Reuben, Corned Beef Hash, J Dubs Double Doubler, and the Chef Burger. All of the burgers were presented so well and each one was juicy. I ordered the Corned Beef Hash with egg over-easy. I love it when I have a runny yolk to mix with the potatoes and corned beef. Unfortunately, *sigh* the first egg was over-hard and the second egg was over-medium. The waitress was super friendly and ask if I wanted them to do it again but I was starving and couldn't wait any longer! So I kept the over-medium egg in fear of my stomach was eating itself! (I know I'm being a little dramatic but everyone else was munching away) The corned beef was tender and seasoned so yummy. I wish I had more in the skillet!

We thought we were done and then I spotted this diamond to try for dessert. The Apple Pecan Bread Pudding. Mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was to die for! I'm so glad we decided to try it. Sooo freaking good! They served it warm, right when the whipped topping was starting to melt. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and the pecans add a nice crunchy texture to it.

They do change their menu often, so you might not get the same experience and that's okay! It's always exciting to try new foods!

PS: If anyone tries the cheesy grits, let me know how they are!!