A Seaworthy Adventure

Ahoy Mateys! It's been wayy too long since my last post. Things have definitely been changing in my life from moving to working in a restaurant! I've been adjusting to my new life and really embracing it! Living in New Orleans is giving me the opportunity to taste and experience different cuisines. Now this post isn't exactly new cuisine but definitely note-worthy to mention!

Seaworthy has been on my food list for awhile now and I randomly was walking around the city and decided to try it out! Seaworthy is known for their oysters and cocktails. Their oysters don't just come from the gulf like most restaurants around here, but from the East and West coasts as well. Now you may be wondering, can you really taste the difference between oysters from different coasts?? You definitely can! It lowkey changed my life. There's an a la carte oyster menu, which means you're ordering each oyster individually. So, unless you aren't on a budget or bae forgot to do something that you've repeatedly asked and this is your way of payback; I would go for their happy hour. It's 1/2 off all oysters and wine, as well as, $7 signature cocktails. There's over 25 different varieties of oysters to try on the menu and the list is divided by three different regions. Some of the oysters I had were the Blue Point, Louisiana (just to taste the difference) and Navy Cove. The Blue Point oyster was EVERYTHING! It had just a completely different texture than what I was used to. I'm drooling just thinking about these oysters. I waited until they started serving their dinner menu to try the Blue Crab. It is comprised of lump crab meat, mushrooms, radishes and topped with Manchego cheese on French bread toast. I'm not sure how hungry I must have been but I definitely ate it so fast that I wished I had the power to eat it all over again.

The atmosphere is fashionably retro! They have a shaded outdoor sitting area in the back, perfect for privacy. In the bar area, there's baskets of oysters where the crew shucks them right in front of you. I wasn't able to go upstairs so if you go, let me know what's the vibe up there!

I realized I have a slight obsession with oysters. but they're the aphrodisiac! So try this place out and your bedroom will thank me, maybe not your breath but that's mouthwash is for.