Big Easy Bucha Brewery

Since moving to New Orleans, I’ve been on a journey throughout the city to eat and drink my way through places that are not-so-typical New Orleans. When people think about eating here, it’s usually gumbo, daquiris, sauce piquant, etoufees etc. but this city has so much more! Perfect example, Big Easy Bucha. New Orleans has a kombucha brewery!! Who tf knew?

For those who might not know what kombucha is; it is a fermented carbonated sweet tea that you can add all kinds of different flavors to customize it. Kombucha is rich in probiotics and antioxidants that can kill harmful bacteria in your gut. #HappyBelly

I was introduced to the company during the International Food Bloggers Conference and knew immediately that I had to stop by for a visit. Big Easy Bucha was launched in 2014, and is one of the largest kombucha factories on the gulf south. When I walked into the building, I could hear them playing some old school hip-hop jams over the PA systems and everyone working there was very friendly, in their super cute BEB shirts and paraphernalia. I got to meet one of the scientist behind creating kombucha to learn about the process from producing to packaging. The whole process, from start to finish, takes about 22-days. One of my favorite aspects of the company is that sources a lot of their fruit from local farms in the area (that definitely gave them some brownie points in my book). The stuff is impressive! Only regret for me was that it was a slow packaging week and the bottles weren’t getting filled, womp!

Also, when y’all visit you can taste some of their flavors on tap! Some of my favs were Geaux Green, Cajun Kick and Jazz Juice. Mainly because I could imagine the liquor I would mix with it. But it’s just as good and refreshing by itself especially in this humid and hot Louisiana weather!