You might be asking yourself WTF is a superfood? I'm sure if you don't live under a rock, you've heard this term thrown around everywhere within the recent years. But what is the definition of this mashed up word? According to the English Oxford Living Dictionary, Superfood is A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Not the most mind-blowing definition; but I want to bring this term up because it has a lot of importance to me. For the past few years, I have been consciously watching what kind of food I put in my body that are healthy and keep this body in tip top shape. Not to say I'm perfect because I will devour a bag of potato chips, at times, like there's tickets to Dubai at the bottom!

I know a lot of us, being a busy millennial, whether it's working, traveling, or starting to raise a new family we have the availability of quick, easy to go, under 10 minute microwavable meals that don't give us the proper nutrition that we should eat. Whether you're a vegan, carnivore or somewhere in between, I believe maintaining a healthy diet that is balanced (carbs, fats and proteins). Not one food can give us a total nutritional value (which if it did, it would be probably patented and someone would making boukoo money) but if we all should put into practice regularly eating the food that is good for us. I believe if we do that, we can not only live longer but reduce health issues and be sexy the older we get! I’m all about that!

Each month, I will introduce a "Superfood of the Month" that’s currently in season from my [Superfoods book], talk about the nutritional benefits as well as some feature some recipes that I cook in my own life. Hopefully, these foods will holistically make you healthier and make you look forward to being in your kitchen!