About Colela

My love for food and the connection it brings is the reason I started Colela (Cole- comes from my middle name and LA- comes from where I was born). We are able to understand each other a little bit more when we taste food from one another's culture. From the process of preparing, cooking, tasting, and finally having this dish created brings out an emotion that's hard to explain. Some of my best memories when I was younger was of my poppa cooking in the kitchen. Food has always played a vital role in my life, from Sunday dinner with my family to birthday dinners with friends, food has a way of connecting us. It's for sure, one of the ways that I show my love for others I'm close to. I hope to share that love and passion with you. I am more than a foodie, I am a food enthusiast!

This blog is here to inspire you to follow your dreams, eat, travel, impact and inspire the lives you connect with!

    -XoXo Colela